Friday, March 14, 2014


Subject_01_Final Exhibition

This is Final exhibition MOV and PIC. I think the exhibition was good, but the design festival has too commercial character, so people didn't dive our works. It's too terrible I think...

Exhibition MOV


IDAS booth




Projetor for MOV

The whole view of booth


Subject_01_Mockup & Preparing Exhibition

I make the mockup for urn in exhibition.

Making frame with wire

Install LED

Test LED

Add Form with paper clay

Final Form

Model for room

And we prepare the exhibition for design festival in COEX.

Installation exhibition_01

Installation exhibition_02

Installation exhibition_03

Installation exhibition_04

My Works

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Subject_01_Urn & Room

This is the Alt for another urn from. I want more biological design form adapted.




I think about the another form about room. The room form can change by relationship between dead person and visitor I think.




Subject_01_Urn & Room_01

I think about the form of urn and room. These object represent the concept and whole structure in this scenario design. So, I want that the urn represent connection with soul and the room has sacred atmosphere and air.

The ordinary original urn design is cube form. So, I use cube basically and the shiny part is chip pulled out from dead body.



I want holy air in this room, so I use very simple chair and space color. White wall, white two simple chair, just place.





In Memorial park, the urn will be placed. The person to want meet dead person can use docking room in memorial park. This room will be sacred place and very private, maxium-security something like a security safe in bank. Because the data is very precious resource in future.



Subject_01_How to?

The future technology that nano computer and biohacking system will help this system working perfectly. The nano chip "SOULID" will be installed in 0 years baby's brain for each part. The baby will live with this chip in his brain, and the chip will obtain whole data until death. After death, the chip is pulled out from brain, the person will be cremated and remains ashes are contained in urn. This system will use this urn. The urn is metaphor his soul, and the soulid chip will be installed this urn directly.

Scenario and Technology

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



This is Future Scenario for "Future of ageing". This scenario is based on future real scientific theory and technology.

The human obtain not only knowledge but also wisdom or experience through whole life until death. It means, the ageing is experience. I think this is really precious resource in now and future too. So, I think about system that how to remain to left person for their emotional satisfaction or economical satisfaction. The emotional part will be adapted to descendant loosing family. And the economical part will be adapted to want advice from greatman in same field. If this system can work in future, the human's data (wisdom, experience, intuition etc).The system must have no hostility for people even though future that has high technology. Because this system touch the sensative part in human life that is soul and culture. So, I think about using funeral culture in real life.

Ageing will be Future resource!