Tuesday, March 11, 2014



This is Future Scenario for "Future of ageing". This scenario is based on future real scientific theory and technology.

The human obtain not only knowledge but also wisdom or experience through whole life until death. It means, the ageing is experience. I think this is really precious resource in now and future too. So, I think about system that how to remain to left person for their emotional satisfaction or economical satisfaction. The emotional part will be adapted to descendant loosing family. And the economical part will be adapted to want advice from greatman in same field. If this system can work in future, the human's data (wisdom, experience, intuition etc).The system must have no hostility for people even though future that has high technology. Because this system touch the sensative part in human life that is soul and culture. So, I think about using funeral culture in real life.

Ageing will be Future resource!